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Company Profile

Set up after many years of experience in the plastic and rubber processing industry with the aim of given you a standard solution where possible or a custom made product if needed.

We offer all types of standard and special parts in a range of materials (LDPE, HDPE, PA, PP, PVC, TPE, SILICONE, EPDM, NBR, SBR, NR, VITON etc.) with a temperature range up to +1640° Celsius including all types of tape.
Ask us for all possibilities in plastic and rubber parts.

By the built knowledge of Injection Moulding, Compression Moulding, Extrusion, Vacuum Forming, Dipmoulding and Rotationmoulding processes with its specific materials, we can give you a good recommendation for solving any problem.

Whether it concerns temporary plastic or rubber protection parts against substance like; dirt, water, acid, grease, remover or oil, during your production process or a permanent protection of your application. In plastic and rubber material EVERYTHING is possible!