Protection & Fixing specialists Quotation

Masking parts for coating and blasting

SilcoRex SRC

Silicone rubber caps (heat-resistant 300°C)

SilcoRex SRE

Silicone plugs ergo-style

SilcoRex SRD

Silicone rubber Pull-plug

SilcoRex ERT

EPDM tapered/conical plugs

SilcoRex ERC

EPDM caps

SilcoRex SRT

Conical/tapered plugs in Silicone rubber

SilcoRex ERE

EPDM Ergonomical plugs

SilcoRex ERD

EPDM pull-plugs

SilcoRex SWP

Double tapered/conical plug with flange

Stick-it PC

Powdercoat tape green polyester

NetFlex NET

Protection/Tubular netting

SilcoRex CK

Cork masking plugs

TempTex TT

Fire Protection Sleeve (high temp) during heat – flames – sparks – fire

Custom Made

Special Custom Made Parts